The Canon TM-300 plotter is the perfect choice for A0 CAD and GIS prints
The Canon TM-300 plotter is the perfect choice for A0 CAD and GIS prints
The Canon TM-300 plotter is the perfect choice for A0 CAD and GIS prints
The Canon TM-300 plotter is the perfect choice for A0 CAD and GIS prints
The Canon TM-300 plotter is the perfect choice for A0 CAD and GIS prints

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-300 | A0 CAD Plotter from Pro Print Solutions

Canon TM-300 A0 Plotter

The Canon imagePROGRAF TM-300 A0 plotter is purpose designed for small businesses that are up against the larger competition in architecture, engineering and construction. This economical wide format printer is packed with features that will save you money while producing the most professional results.

Finance Options Available - Call 0800 970 2244 or email HERE for details and a quotation.
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Canon imagePROGRAF TM-300 | A0 CAD Plotter from Pro Print Solutions
Canon TM-300 A0 Plotter

Boost performance and enhance professionalism with your Canon imagePROGRAF TM-300. Purpose built for architects, engineers and construction businesses, the TM series employs new technologies to economically generate impressive posters, CAD and GIS files in large format. With a small footprint and quiet processing, its ideal for small, busy offices.

Canon TM-300 Features

5-colour LUCIA TD pigment ink
This offers high-quality, low-cost printing on plain paper for posters or drawings, and produces vibrant colours, even on inkjet plain paper. As it can provide MBK with a higher surface tension than earlier models, the print quality is denser, with better-defined edges. As a result, you can print high-precision drawings with fine lines and sharp text very economically. Furthermore, as pigments are kept closer to the surface through the process, the colours are simply more vibrant. Even on inexpensive inkjet plain paper the colours tend to stand out more. In fact, you may even be able to consider saving money through in-house printing on work you previously had to outsource.

Ink tanks of all colours are available to you in two sizes 300mL and 130mL. You can choose the tank size that best suits your output or your printing environment. Furthermore, you have the option of controlling your ink costs more effectively by selecting a combination of different sizes. Starter ink tanks are provided in 130mL for MBK and 90mL for C, M, Y, and BK.

Other benefits
Enhancing the weather resistance of
your prints
Creating colour images that are sharper,
clearer and more refined
Discouraging feathering
Producing dense, sharp blacks
Exceptional water resistance, especially
on Canons water-resistant polypropylene
materials, making your drawings easier
to view and work with outdoors
Better long-term storage

Sub-ink Tanks
These enable ink tank replacement during printing. Even if the ink tanks run out of ink, printers will keep some ink in reserve in sub-ink tanks, and will use this as needed to enable ink tank replacement during printing. Not only does this prevent downtime in continuous printing, it makes it easy to use up all the ink in the tanks, reducing your costs. A visual display on the operation panel indicates when the sub-ink tanks are full, half full, or empty.


Faster printing
Continuous printing is now faster thanks to the improved printing sequence optimisation, and that means your business deadlines are now just that much more attainable.

Lower ink consumption
Ink consumption is just as low, and sometimes lower, than previous models, thanks to the excellent colour performance of LUCIA TD ink, as well as new optimised image processing parameters.

Flexible paper stacking options
In addition to a standard print basket, a flat stacker is available to you which you can set in any of three positions: (1) regular position, to hold a single sheet; (2) draped position, to hold 20 sheets; and (3) flat position, which also holds 20 sheets. Documents are stacked face down in the order of printing, eliminating the hassle of having to re-sort them and allowing printed documents to be easily removed in front of the printer.

The TM-300 can be set up against a wall, or even next to desks, without a problem. A lower bottom surface and a sleeker profile mean you get to enjoy all the benefits of a great business printer without sacrificing space you dont have.

As you can load paper, replace ink, and clear jams without needing to access the back of the printer, the TM-300 can be installed flush against walls. So, not only do you perform all your operations from the front, your printer also takes up less valuable office real estate. For any small business, that can be a real advantage.

With the TM-300 its easier to load rolls. Simply slide them in along our new guide rails. Compared to previous models, the loading position is easier to reach from the front, and that means less bending forward or having to kneel into the basket. Youll also find the holder stoppers easier to attach or remove, and the new lever has been designed to ensure that you know when the stopper is locked or unlocked

As your media source is determined automatically for you, theres no danger of incurring printing errors by selecting the wrong paper. You can also monitor how much paper is left on the rolls easily and effortlessly. This allows the printers to estimate the amount of printing left without printing barcodes, saving you money and the time normally required for barcode printing and scanning.

Security in the TM-300 has been greatly enhanced over earlier models. Information security for network printers with multiple users has been improved considerably with new measures to prevent intrusion or leaks of confidential data.

Secure disk erasure
The TM-300 allows you to erase confidential or sensitive data completely without it being recoverable. Rest assured, our method is so secure it even meets the standards of the US Department of Defence. 

IEEE 7312.1x authentication prevents devices (other than predetermined ones) from connecting to a computer network, ensuring that you can block communication from devices other than those authenticated by your server. (Wired connections only.)

Using the IPSec protocols from the advanced Canon TM-series, the TM-300 also employs encryption to protect you from interception, tampering, or spoofing. Furthermore, because of its IPSec protocols, it can protect data sent over the internet regardless of the applications or network configurations used. You enjoy additional protection with SNMPv3 a protocol that enables the online monitoring and control of any devices connected to a TCP/IP network. Whats more, when you access a printer via a web browser, a server certificate is installed on the printer for safe, encrypted communication using SSL/TLS.

Security restrictions
With the TM-300, you can restrict Ethernet and USB connections to your printer, as well as restrict printing from USB flash drives just one more useful security option. In addition, any use of FTP and Telnet communication protocols can also be restricted.

Office environments are noisy enough as it is, so youll be glad to know that the TM-300 has been designed to operate as quietly as possible, reducing distractions in your work environment to a minimum. All the usual sources of printing noise have been carefully dampened to make your printing experience more pleasant.

A quieter platen suction fan
Platen fan noise has been greatly reduced by ensuring that the platen is held against the vacuum from inside the printer. In addition, a dampening structure has been built into the platen exhaust structure to keep unwanted sound to a minimum.

Reduced cutter noise
The rotary cutter is faster than in earlier models, which would cut by tearing paper laterally. As a result, not only does the TM-300 cut more precisely, it also cuts more quietly.

Improved media feeding
With the TM-300, the LF motor is slower, and the motor puller diameter has been enlarged to reduce vibration when feeding paper or other media. The result is less vibration, and less noise.

With the Canon TM-300, you have the convenience of printing from a computer, or without one, which means you have the solution at hand, whatever your business.

imageRUNNER ADVANCE Direct Enlargement Copy
This feature enables you to print scanned images directly.

Mobile printing
As with Canons TM range of printers, support for Apple AirPrint and Canon Print Service enables you to print from both iOS and Android. With a new feature called Canon Print Inkjet/Sephy (CPIS), you have the option to print from more mobile devices than ever before, and that includes tablets. As the app was first developed for consumers, it has an intuitive functionality that makes printing from smartphones easy and uncomplicated, even if youve never used a large-format printer. Better still, there are two newly added functions that provide even greater convenience in operating your TM-series printers:

Smartphone push notification
Allowing for notifications to be sent to your smartphone, and informing you of errors, or letting you know when your print job is complete

Video instructions
Through video links youll learn exactly how to load rolls or sheets or clear jams, minimising problems and frustrations and helping you get on with your business day.

Accounting Manager
This allows you to manage your printing much more cost effectively. Accounting Manager collects printer job logs and calculates the printing costs for each print job for any given period. Among other uses, this feature makes it easy for resellers, dealers or other partners to check how customers are using their printers.

Media Configuration Tool
MCT can be used to change the names and order of the media displayed in the operation panel and the printer driver, to add custom paper information, or add or change paper information to suit your printing objectives and applications.



    Canon imagePROGRAF TM-300 printer with 2 GB standard memory
    Printer stand: SD-23
    1 x Print head PF-06
    1 x Set starter ink tanks (C,M,Y,BK - 90ml/ MBK - 130ml)
    3 inch Paper core attachment
    UK Power cable
    Safety/Standard Environment leaflet
    Set up guide
    User software CD-ROM (Windows)
    PosterArtist Lite software CD-ROM
    EEU sheet
    EU Biocide sheet

Canon Gold Partner
iPF Store (Pro Print Solutions Ltd) are a Canon Gold Large Format Partner. Having our own engineers and dedicated support team we can fully support / service your Canon tm-300 printer.
We are also able to offer installation options for your TM-300 and provide both on-site and off-site training as and when required. Our dedicated Canon support team can also offer support and advice on consumables and printing any questions - call us on 0800 970 2244
Order your Canon imagePROGRAF TM-300 Printer Online or Call 0800 970 2244
Finance Options Available - Call 0800 970 2244 or email HERE for details and a quotation.
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