The Canon PRO-6000s printer is the perfect choice for retail and production prints
The Canon PRO-6000s printer is the perfect choice for retail and production prints
The Canon PRO-6000s printer is the perfect choice for retail and production prints
The Canon PRO-6000s printer is the perfect choice for retail and production prints
The Canon PRO-6000s printer is the perfect choice for retail and production prints

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6100S | 60" Production Printer

Canon PRO-6100s 60" Printer
The 8-color 60-inch imagePROGRAF PRO-6100S printer designed for the poster and signage markets exceeds expectations for speed and color consistency in a large format production printer. The Canon PRO-6100S produces high quality, large format prints with true colour to satisfy your inner perfectionist. Its large format also makes it a great choice for signage posters and banners that go beyond standard printing sizes. Plus its speed and accuracy ensure you can keep up with your workload.

Finance Options Available - Call 0800 970 2244 or email HERE for details and a quotation.
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Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6100S | 60" Production Printer
Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6100s

In your production environment you need dependable results across a diverse range of media. This allows you to satisfy the demands of your customers on time, every time. With the capability to print up to 1.5m wide, Canons PRO-6100s Large Format production printer delivers big performance whenever you need it.

Create whatever you want: 
  • Indoor signs 
  • Floor murals 
  • Exhibition panels 
  • Posters 
  • Pre-press 
  • Layout visuals

Beat your deadlines
Whichever device you choose, look forward to superb speeds and unbeatable productivity. These speeds are achieved by mirroring certain colours through Canons single print head, therefore achieving a great print quality in faster print modes when compared to conventional printers.A sub-tank ink system also allows inks to be replaced while printing. The devices wont stop even if the cartridge is empty.

Get the wow back
Whether youre printing your own work or for others, see a new level of detail and vibrancy in your prints. Canons technicians passion in ink technology has resulted in our new LUCIA PRO formula. Theres a lot of clever science thats behind this but the main thing you need to see is the phenomenal print quality that is now possible. Colour accuracy has never been easier for proofing and poster applications.

A pleasure to use
perators will love the large colour touchscreen that shows an overview of the options and consumables information. Press any category and see more detailed content with a simple back and home button for quick operation while at the device. A second USB port allows printing from memory devices directly at the printer. A clear preview of the file is available to avoid misprints.


Regular procedures, such as ink and paper changes, have been considered in the design of the PRO-6100s. Instead of being a chore, take pleasure in how you interact with the range.

Efficient and economical
If you feel your current printer goes into a self-check mode at the most inconvenient of times, then youll be pleased to hear that a lot of these checks are done while printing in the imagePROGRAF PRO range. Multiple sensors are used to detect colour discrepancies and blocked nozzles. Without interruption, compensation for these errors are made and misprints are minimised.The increased image quality is achieved without increasing the ink consumption. In fact, the imagePROGRAF PRO printers utilise less ink than other models* to accomplish this.


The brains of the operation
To achieve all these benefits, you need to have a lot of smarts. Canon revolutionised printer control with the L-COA (Large format printer Common Architecture) engine when it was created in 2006. Ten years later, this has been redesigned to give us the L-COA PRO. This new engine controls all elements of the print from image processing to ejecting ink on the page.A large hard drive supports the L-COA engine, rapidly freeing host PCs from operations and improving overall print efficiency

The finer details
To deliver faithful image expression, ink droplets must be extremely small and precisely distributed. When droplets become microscopic, however, image quality is affected by problems such as uneven droplet size and placement on the paper. Conventional printing systems compensate by making multiple passes for each line but this adds significantly to print times.Canons FINE (Full photolithograph Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) overcomes this problem without needing to make multiple passes, producing bi-directional printing at incredible speeds. An innovation ink-nozzle manufacturing method results in precisely uniform ink droplets and outstanding photo-quality print performance.

The results
The part that counts is the end print product. That piece of material with ink on it is what this has all been about. LUCIA PRO has been developed alongside the imagePROGRAF PRO printers to deliver results that complement the hardware. Each droplet is microencapsulated so that the print surface is smoother than ever before. This smoothness reflects light more evenly and gives a more vibrant image to the viewer.The imagePROGRAF PRO-6100S mirrors the most popular colours to maintain high speed and quality. Traditionally, printing solid colours at high speeds would result in bands. The only way to stop this is to change to unidirectional printing or increasing the quality mode. Either way, you slow down your printer. By mirroring colours, you ensure that the inks are layered in the same order whether the printhead is moving backwards or forwards. This maintains the speed without compromising the quality.


Colour Management can be a difficult and costly exercise. The Canon PRO-6100s offers clever colour calibration and management tools that help you print consistently, every time. By combining our ink technology with these utilities, you can ensure that your first print and your one-hundredth print are closer reproductions of each other than ever before. Even if you're printing from different machines.

Advanced Colour Calibration
A powerful colour calibration system ensures the most stable colour reproduction attainable. With conventional systems, variations in print output can occur. With the imagePROGRAF PRO-6100S large format printer, a multi-sensor measures a printed calibration chart and then automatically applies the appropriate adjustment to ensure an exact match for long-term consistency.

Colour proofing technology
By redesigning the mechanical structure of the device the minutest vibrations have been cut which means that the frame is resistant to any vibration caused during printing thus enhancing ink placement and accuracy. The incredible precision coupled with the outstanding colour quality means the device can be used as a colour proofing solution.


When you work with Canon, you work with a company that carefully considers how you run your business. That means people who understand how you operate, products designed to get the job done and added-value software equipped to maximise your business opportunities.

Accounting Manager
See the cost of every print job and export as a CSV file for easy cost management. Allocate costs to jobs, users or departments easily.

Remote Management Solutions
Check the status of your device or allow Canon to observe it for you. Error codes, consumable monitoring and calibration can all be performed remotely.

Print Studio Pro
Print from most Adobe ® programs and Canons Digital Photo Professional to further enhance the quality of your prints.

Pro Gallery Pro
Print from your iPad and link to your Zenfolio account to print photos stored online.

PosterArtist Lite
Design your own posters quickly. Upgrade to the full version and benefit from the Autodesign feature and Variable Data input.

Direct Print & Share
Drag and drop files into the utility without the need to open them. Share documents and print settings via the cloud to enhance collaboration.


Take a more detailed look and see what Canon have to say about mechanics of the Canon PRO-6100s

The LUCIA PRO ink set adopts formulated 8-Colour microencapsulated pigment inks. These inks help you achieve fantastic Colour reproduction, image clarity, and fine lines ideal for creating vivid posters and advertising displays.

This ink set helps:
  •         Enhance red Colour performance
  •         Reduce graininess
  •         Enhance dark area reproduction
PF-10 Print Head
The PF-10, a 1.28-wide print head with 18,432 nozzles equipped with anti-clogging FINE technology generates fast print speeds while reducing the possibility of clogging. Ink ejection conditions are precisely checked by 27 sensors, and if a clog is detected, another nozzle will automatically provide back-up.

To enhance print performance, the 8-Colours utilize all 12 ink channels in the print head. The LUCIA PRO ink is arranged in a mirror layout on the print head, symmetrically arranging the most important Colours: C, M, Y, and MBK. This layout allows for the same ejection order of the four key Colours during the bidirectional printing process resulting in denser ink placement and faster prints speeds.

This print head is wider than previous imagePROGRAF print heads requiring models to only have one instead of two. Having only one print head means a more compact printer that achieves faster print speeds while maintaining high print quality.

L-COA PRO High-Speed Image Processing Engine
The imagePROGRAF PRO-6100S printers are powered by the L-COA PRO high-speed image processing engine. With three processing chips, this high-precision control engine performs the processing of massive image data, and controls the optimal ink layout that produces high resolution prints.

Colour Calibration
The Colour calibration function is designed to produce consistent Colour reproduction. This printer includes an upgraded, built-in Colour densitometer that offers precise calibration and Colour matching. Using a three-Colour LED and developed condenser lens the sensor enables accurate recalibration of the device, allowing you to maintain a low average printer-to-printer Colour difference. The Colour calibration is finished quickly after a few simple steps on the printers operation panel. A single Colour calibration performed with one type of media can be applied to media in all printing modes.

High Precision Mechanical Platform
The engineered unibody structure provides a strong platform for stable print head scanning, resulting in precise ink droplet placement. The perfect combination of speed and high-quality printing is achieved with this design.

Multifunction Roll System
The optional Multifunction Roll System is a versatile media handling solution system that enables either a second roll of media to be loaded on the printer, or the unit can be configured as a bi-directional media Take-up unit.

Dual Roll Feeding: The dual-roll feeding mechanism enables users to load a second roll of a different media type and size so that users can simultaneously switch from printing on matte to gloss paper without pausing their work to reload. Additionally, the second roll can be used to support high-volume printing be enabling two rolls of the same media to be fed to the printer.

Bi-Directional Rewinding: The Multifunction Roll System may also be configured by the operator as a take-up unit to rewind longer printouts. The user can choose to rewind media with the printed surface on the outside or the inside of the roll, thereby supporting bi-directional rewinding.

Operation Panel
The large 3.5" Colour LCD touch panel makes it easy to view printer information as well as perform operations.

Wi-Fi Connection
Stay Connected. A first for the imagePROGRAF large format printers, Wi-Fi connectivity is now standard with this PRO series.

Print From USB Thumb Drive
PDF and JPEG files can be directly printed on the imagePROGRAF PRO-6100S from a USB thumb drive. Simply input the thumb drive into the USB port on the printer, preview the image on the operation panel, and print! Fast and easy printing without the use of a computer.

High Capacity Ink Tanks
Available in 160ml, 330ml, and 700ml ink tanks, you have the flexibility to purchase ink based on the Colour frequency at which you print.

    PFI-1100 (160 ml): PBK, MBK, C, M, Y, PC, PM, GY
    PFI-1300 (330 ml): PBK, MBK, C, M, Y, PC, PM, GY
    PFI-1700 (700 ml): PBK, MBK, C, M, Y, PC, PM, GY
    please note that the Canon PRO-6100s comes complete with a full set of PFI-1300 inks ( 330ml)

Sub-Ink Tank System
The Sub-Ink Tank System allows all of the available ink in a tank to be used before having to replace it, helping eliminate any wasted ink. The empty tanks can also be replaced on-the-fly without stopping the printer. This is extremely useful during your long print jobs.

Multipositional Basket
The imagePROGRAF PRO-6100S features a multipositional basket that can be freely adjusted to enable various output positions and options:
  •         Catch Basket
  •         Flatbed Stacking
  •         Slope (can be used to display a print)
320 GB Hard Drive
A built-in 320 GB hard drive within the printer increases productivity by relieving workload from the host Mac or PC, while providing a large capacity for print job data storage and retrieval. This 320 GB hard drive enables job data to be stored in protected mailboxes for easy access via web browser or at the printer for job re-printing. The embedded hard disk is ideal for medium to large workgroups to share a printer efficiently with multiple users, offering sample job storage space.

 Accounting Manager
In today's printing environment, it is more important than ever to understand how much ink and media each print job is costing your business. Both Mac; and Microsoft; compatible, Accounting Manager serves as a powerful feature, used for accurately managing your print costs.
With the Accounting Manager feature you can track how much ink and paper is being consumed when printing in large format of up to 50 printers! Each individual ink tank can have its own cost associated to it, as well as a variety of different paper types.
Costs can be assigned to ink and paper to determine expenses based on your own "Cost of Goods". The user can also input a variable cost that will be added to the total of the print cost. The data is exportable to a .csv format for Microsoft Excel so the data can be used for billing purposes.
This feature will allow you to determine the cost of each print based on your actual cost. Features include:Job Cost (ink, Media and variable cost inputted by user)Ink Consumed per Job*Media Consumed per Job, Job Completion time And more

imagePROGRAF Printer Driver
This Windows® and Macintosh® drivers incorporate simplified page setup options, one-touch borderless printing, expanded colour settings, and much more into a printer driver that is intuitive and easy-to-operate while still giving even the most advanced users the tools needed to stay productive.

The Real Preview feature lets users ensure that the print setting and the layout on the roll paper is correct by providing real time preview, allowing users to change the print setting even after clicking on "print." The Free Layout feature enables nesting and custom layouts of images or files of nearly any type (available for both Windows and Mac driver).

Print Plug-in for Microsoft Office
This utility makes it easy to print large-format documents created in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. The Plug-in appears in a tool bar inside the Microsoft application and has an easy-to-follow "Wizard". The Plug-in will bypass the printer driver to simplify the printing process. A few simple steps convert your 8.5" x 11" office document to poster size.

Quick Utility Toolbox
Quick Utility Toolbox is a portal to where all of the Canon printer software and tools can be accessed.

What's In The Box
imagePROGRAF PRO-6100s
Dual Roll Feeder
Stand (legs, basket & tools)
UK AC Power Cable
Print Head PF-10
3300ml Starter Ink Tanks (PBK, MBK, C, M, Y, PC, PM, GY)
2" Roll Holder with 3 Core Adapters
Quick Guide
Safety and Environmental Sheet
Setup Guide
Printer Stand Setup Guide
Important Information Sheet
Print Head Alignment Sheet
USB Connection Sheet
Software Discs (Windows Drivers, PosterArtist Lite 32/64 bit)

iPF Store Pro Print Solutions Ltd are a Canon Gold Large Format Partner. Having our own engineers and dedicated support team we can fully support / service your Canon PRO-6100s printer.

We are also able to offer installation options for your PRO-6100s and provide both on-site and off-site training as and when required. Our dedicated Canon support team can also offer support and advice on consumables and printing any questions - call us on 0800 970 2244

Finance Options Available - Call 0800 970 2244 or email HERE for details and a quotation.  

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